brother printer how to connect to wifi

Brother printer: How to connect to Wi-Fi?

Printing has never been this simpler ever since the introduction of brother printer. Getting a brother printer is a wise decision but that doesn’t mean that the job is done. We will teach you about brother printer and how to connect to wifi and will further look into the problem of brother printer won’t connect to wifi. Stay tuned for the same.

Things required

  • Examine the access point you are using to see whether it has a physical WPS button. Otherwise, purchase a router or extension with one.
  • Verify if the WPA or WPA2 security encryption is enabled on the network you are using. Check the same on the network setup page.

You may start the setup procedure as soon as you fulfill these two requirements.

For brother printers how to connect to wifi, there are two methods. We will now see them.

WiFi setup for a Brother printer using WPS

So that they are within range, keep your brother printer near the network router. Here are some actions you can do when you’re ready:

  • Your wireless router’s WPS button should be pressed. The WPS LED on the front panel will now start to light up and blink. This shows that the router is currently seeking for client devices to connect to and that the WPS has been activated.
  • Press the WPS button on the Brother printer. when you see the WPS LED turn on and blink, press and hold the same button. The WPS LED will eventually become solid.

Reminder: You must hit the WPS button on your printer no later than two minutes after pushing the same button on your network. If not, you must start again and take the steps.

  • The network LED will light up along with the LED becoming solid after the printer has established a connection with your router.

Network connection verification

Once you have connected, follow these easy steps to verify the network pairing:

  • Turn on your Brother printer and place an A4-sized page inside.
  • As soon as the WiFi LED starts to blink, press and hold the WiFi button.
  • Now, continually hit the WiFi and Color buttons one after the other.

By doing this, the network settings will be printed on the page by your brother’s printer. You will notice a “Connection: Active” message written along with the SSID of the router listed underneath it if the network connection is functioning properly. If it prints differently, you may start again with the network configuration process.

WiFi setup for a Brother printer using a smartphone app

You may always connect your printer to the wireless router manually if your wireless router doesn’t support the WPS feature. You may take the following actions:

  • Select Network from the available choices using the up/down arrows on the printer control panel. Press “Ok” when you see the Network option.
  • Another window will open. Use the up and down arrows to go through the choices, then choose WiFi Direct. Press “Ok” when you see it.
  • Next, choose the Group Owner option from the list and click Ok once again.
  • Press OK once more after moving the option to the ON position.
  • Select Manual from the window’s options and then click OK.
  • The message “Switch WiFi Direct On?” will now appear. Click Accept, then hit Ok.
  • The Brother printer’s screen will provide the SSID and default password information for you. You may keep a record of them for future use.
Using a Smartphone
  • Now go to your smartphone and start the Brother printer setup procedure.
  • On your smartphone, select the Connections menu under Settings.
  • Click WiFi, then turn it on.
  • The wifi networks that are accessible will now appear on your screen. Click the Connect button after choosing the one that corresponds to your router.

Now that your smartphone and Brother Printer is connected, you may effortlessly print documents. But there might sometimes be a problem when brother printer won’t connect to WiFi. We will now show you how to fix it.

Brother printer won’t connect to WiFi

Having seen brother printer how to connect to wifi, now is the turn to troubleshoot when it won’t connect to WiFi. To do so, follow the steps:

  • Set your Brother printer to “on”
  • Press the Menu button to restart the wifi connection.
  • Click OK.
  • Choose Reset Network.
  • To choose Yes, press key 1.
  • Press 1 once more to verify the restart.

 Now that the printer will restart, the network reset has been completed successfully.To connect your Brother printer to Wi-Fi, go to the next step.

  • After the network has been reset, you must restart the Brother printer to view the Wi-Fi setup message. Consult the Quick Setup Guide and then click OK.
  • In order to access the Setup Wizard, press Ok three times.
  • Your screen will display a message. Activate Wlan? To accept, click Ok. Again, press “Ok.”
  • Hold off while it looks for a wireless network.
  • On the screen, a list of SSIDs will show. To connect a Brother printer to WiFi, choose the Wi-Fi network you wish to use and enter the WEP key or WiFi password for your router.
  • Using the keypad on the Brother printer, enter the Wi-Fi password.
  • To apply the adjustments, press 1 after pressing Ok.

This is how to fix the problem when brother printer won’t connect to wifi.

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